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03 January 2011 @ 10:52 am

can be found here @ azngal_icons
18 October 2009 @ 03:25 pm
Hi, paxm and I would like to change the layout of this comm, so we were thinking of having a header contest for this community, would there be any interest in this kind of contest? We would be awarding a prize, such as a LJ gift certificate to the winner. Please let us know by clicking yes.

Poll #1472981 community contest

would you be interested in a header contest?


We are also still looking for a third person to help with the application post and affiliates for sga_elite.

Thank you for you time. :)
07 October 2009 @ 08:48 pm
Hi, paxm and I are looking for a third person to help with the application post. If you are interested, please leave a comment here.

We are also looking for new affiliate communities. If you would like to be affiliated with sga_elite please comment.

Thank you. :)
07 October 2009 @ 08:38 pm

- Comment here with between 5 - 10 icons, that you feel best shows off your skills. Please understand that we will be offering constructive criticism. If you are accepted you will be sent an invitation and issued a maker tag.

- Fanart and graphics are fine. If you post more than 3 icons, be sure to put the rest behind a lj-cut. Please make sure that you point out if it's a multifandom post, do not link to locked posts, cut spoilery icons/graphics, and do not allude to anything spoiler like in your lj cut. You will also have a maker tag you can use.

- Your mods are paxm and krabbypatty. You will have to receive a yes from both mods before being accepted. Once accepted check your invites.

- If you aren't accepted, don't fret you can reapply as many times as you like, just try and wait 2 weeks before you do. Have a look at icon_tutorial for some tips and ideas.

- Please put "Atlantis" in your header, so that we know you've read these rules.

Thank you.
krabbypatty & paxm
26 July 2009 @ 04:41 pm

Merlin (31)
Colin/Bradley (2)
SGA (11)
SG1 (13)

in my journal
20 June 2009 @ 09:37 pm
- stargate
- how i met your mother
- farscape
- the big bang theory
- house
- battlestar galactica
- veronica mars

this way
06 June 2009 @ 09:45 pm
13 | actors christian bale, ioan gruffudd, rob morrow, viggo mortensen, zachary quinto, chris pine, ryan reynolds
20 | actresses scarlett johansson, anne hathaway, keira knightley, kate winslet, billie piper
38 | tv stargate, doctor who, supernatural, lost, fringe, pushing daisies, farscape, x-files, ashes to ashes
08 | movies misc.
07 | misc.

Part of a multi-fandom post @ iconsicle
19 March 2009 @ 06:50 pm
LoTS - 01-99 SGA - 01-22 TWILIGHT - 01-30

the rest here @ azngal_icons
02 February 2009 @ 08:04 pm
- bsg (spoilers for The Oath)
- house (stacy;cuddy;house)
- stargate
- sanctuary
- friends; how i met your mother; firefly; hillary clinton; doctor who; the lost world

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